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Facebook Advertising India

Facebook Advertising Campaign

More than 6.5 million Indian users are on facebook. This means almost 70% of Indian population is on Facebook. Your audience is on facebook and this platform is important to reach your users. Facebook Ads are effective if your goal is to use majority of users for a quick brand awareness and reach. Facebook Advertising cost is still low compared to other advertising options. Facebook Marketing becomes more effective with below options.

Give your brand the actual prominence through Facebook Advertising Campaign

Right from the time, even before telegram, communication has been most important to reach out to your family, friends and even at the professional level. Mass Communication is the way to convey your massage in a right way to the right people. This provides detailed and extensive information which needs to get delivered as per the requirement of an individual or a group of people. When Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook he must have also thought of making the term communication go very well with networking at a very high level and effectively at the same time. Facebook is not only a social site which provides just networking with people from all across the world to communicate on a personal front or in a professional way. This is also a strategical marketing medium.  Facebook Advertising Campaign promotes networking in a broader spectrum and pulls the target audience in a very interesting manner making it highly user-friendly and trendy at the same time. This advertising forum helps in mixed business infrastructure and enables you to endorse your brand as per your desired requirement.

Due to the facebook’s blueprint profile, the global education and certificates which empowers the advertisers to effectively achieve business, which results in excellent marketing scope that could be achieved by using of facebook’s various apps and services.


Marketing Goals that can be achieved by the Facebook Advertising Campaigns –

  • The advertisers can build their presence online
  • Brand awareness can be created easily
  • Leads can be vastly generated by using of this medium
  • This process is the appropriate way for driving discovery
  • This method is a sales booster
  • Marketers can earn loyalty for the usage of this program
  • This helps in networking with business prospective across the world

The above mentioned points are highly effective and popular in terms of having the best business plan, The Facebook IQ helps developing the insights for the marketers to understand the people from different generation, devices, and geographies along with time. The proper setup of a campaign helps in better organization resulting in optimization of the performance of the advertisements to float and escalate conversions heavily.

The key tips to follow while opting for a Facebook advertising campaign –

  • Choosing a proper advertising objective for each of the campaigns as this would help in measuring accurate results and also for allocating budgets.
  • Creating an advert for each audience to determine the highest ratio of response from the set of the each.
  • To optimize the most performing advert, one must create multiple options for the same, as this would help the system to analyze the results individually or from the different sets of group.

To structure a proper Facebook advertising campaign there are there major steps that must be followed, which are Campaign, the advert set and the advert itself.

Campaign :

The first step involves one to multiple advertisement sets; a selection is made for each advertising subject based on the different objective of the campaign. One needs to determine the appropriate specification for different brands and audience suitable for each of the same.

Advert set:

This involves targeting of the leads which is appropriate for the various campaigns, budgeting of the whole campaign, scheduling of the frequency of the advert that would run continuously or within a set date range, bidding of the keywords also notifies the payment process and who the adverts should be or being served to, and the right placement of the adverts.


This is the creative section, where one needs to think out of the box to expose an exclusive piece of art and creativity. Optimistic creation like producing verities of images, videos, links, texts makes the whole method of reaching out to the clients very easy.

Creating a separate campaign for each object is very important and this takes place at the beginning of any campaign, Adverts are created with different tool’s supports while imaging an advert and also to set up the same. This can provide the marketers a constant test for their adverts which allows one to understand how well the quality of the creation has spread in the industry. One needs to test different kinds of adverts again and again before getting an idea of the exact advert which would work, Facebook makes the complete process very easy as this helps in understanding the progress.

Facebook advertising campaign :

It is highly effective for the campaigners as it provides many options of convenience.

  • This enables the users to turn their adverts on and off as per the adverts performance good or bad at the suitable time of requirement.
  • Performance of each objective can be measured from the multiple advert sets which have been featured.
  • This also helps in increasing subscribers resulting in growth of sales.
  • The engagement of the objective which could be created on this platform is also appropriate for promotional events or posts.

Apart from the above advantages, this particular platform has become so popular for the users that the visibility quotient is the most vital gain. People from across the world has become highly dependable on this digital invention as the same qualifies to satisfy the digital needs of the marketers in a large way by providing the necessary requirements the advertisers are looking for. Organizing the adverts by respective audience determines the accurate targeted customers. Customizing the targeted sets of people like custom audience, lookalike audience and etc. serves the absolute genre of the sale, as the different people has different needs and are looking for various objects to go for; this reduces the risk of falling flat over mismatched consumers with non-appropriate products. Another important aspect is the daily and lifetime budgeting, by this process one can define the maximum and minimum budget one wants to spend on an advert set.

Choosing the right objective for the each advertising justifies the budget spent and also provides expected conversion towards the sales at the same time. Learning about the right subject as per the audience’s interest and also the demographics of which would represent your target maximizes the growth of your brand in a very effective manner. Facebook Advertising Campaign is the one of the best platform to showcase your brand and convey your product across them via networking.

Hence set your budget by analyzing your advert’s outcome, pick your format as per your segmentation of the target audience, and use your creative mind of conveying your massage by choosing within the many digital and technical options the platform has to offer like Advert manager, Power editor or Business manager. Amongst these tools you can differentiate the various versions of advert creations along with comparing the same by understanding which one is better than the other and also can edit the same as per the market needs.

Wahix India can help you to go ahead with these marketing benefits in a very professional manner by providing you with endless assistance towards helping you reach your marketing goals in a right way. We cater in this sector with high end perfection and excel in this digital field. Get in touch with us and we would ensure to deliver you the best services as per your marketing requirements.

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