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SMS Marketing India

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SMS Marketing India

Wahix India is a company based in India, who offers various benefits for the companies to acquire potential leads for their businesses towards its growth and development. We cater to the industry in a very prominent manner giving them the digital platform to derive all the major requirements concerning the marketing and support them in increasing visibility at the same time. We help you in reaching out to your target audience in the most efficient manner. Our core competency remains in effectively producing online assistance for our customers in the broader margin along with massive range of online methods applied for connecting with the mass. Wahix India works with the team of certified professionals, who are experts in this filed, with a background of SEO expertise. SMS Marketing is one of the many options which we have to offer you towards your journey for a successful business profile.

SMS Marketing For an Ultimate Breakthrough in the Market

Reaching your target audience in the most lucrative & productive manner has never been so easy before. SMS Marketing has taken a complete grip over the industry as it is the most powerful medium to put across your product to the potential customers. When you think about the whole spectrum it is very clear that the smartphone users have completely taken over the population, and as per the Global Market Research it has been stated that on an average a text massage is read within just few minutes of time.

As a device, mobile phone tops the list for virtual scope of mass communication. Now you can reach the potential and prospective customers with the help of this smart marketing strategy. The best part of the ongoing SMS Marketing is the instant connect which can be built within a very short period of time. To start this whole program one needs to have a clear access to an updated data base, which carries the contact details of the target audience or an online source of contact, and the same can be processed in bulk resulting in direct reach at the same time and with the complete details of the necessary campaign or information the marketers desire to convey.

Previously the usage of mobile media did fluctuate as the desktop were still understood to be for dayparting; however tablets and smartphones dominated the evening time for that matter but with the introduction of official mobile phone usage and the growing popularity of this device have definitely taken the market by storm. The adoption of mobile phones within the population has drastically taken a leap over the market, making the consumers most convenient in this technological platform utilizing the same within their lifestyle with great extent.

If one is unable be the part of this medium and reach out to the target audience with the support of this exclusive marketing alternative, that is SMS Marketing, then it would be a big lag back causing them to miss out on important leads in comparison to the competitors. If one needs to scrutinize the advantages of the SMS Marketing then the most important part should be the virtual upgrade and occupancy of the mass structure in this technology. The figures and the surveys screams loud and clear that the population in today’s time has drawn completely into this platform. The social media and networking has bypassed the traditional ways of communication which used to be practiced long back. This system is no more restricted to any age group, professional status or even within the trial groups for that matter. The majority of consumer’s focus is absolutely based on digital forum which makes the SMS Marketing even more lucrative in its own way. The conversion rate of the mobile marketing is high and so is the value for this particular strategy increases with great opportunity to connect with the audience with highest rate of materialization and productivity.

The complete methodology of this system helps one in multiplying the sale and the product visibility in the market, giving it a definite profit of income. An investment in SMS Marketing is a clear case of putting your revenue in the best possible system which only results in value back and complete satisfaction. The preference of the consumers which asks for the ability towards the mobile phones makes this marketing strategy a big hit with absolute prominence and also by making the same the best way of reaching out to the group of target audiences with ease and with the massage which remains intact and straight to their mobiles, in other words right to their fingertips.

One must depend on SMS Marketing to induce maximum opportunity with minimum time taken. This source has lot to offer and also provide positive results at the end of it. The usage of Mobile phones successfully dominates the desktop as most of the campaigns, marketing avenues or network information sits in the spam or junk mails, the tele calling as well proves to be going down the graph of success rate of conversion for any business, as with growing market development people restrict themselves to talk to the professionals or even receive mails at most of the times, however the SMS Marketing still grabs the market with high end proximity. This allows the busy professionals who are the target audience to get the message in short and clear manner, helping them to understand the complete product and the campaign with proper prospective.

The Mobile media ensures to provide the best outcome through the SMS Marketing and surely does justify the pros of this process. When a company uses this form of marketing strategy and analyses the productive results of the same, only then they realize that what kind of major innovation this brings to their business and in positive ways. It is a proven fact that 90% of the consumer’s spend most of the time with their mobiles and so SMS Marketing does the exact job of reaching out to them with clarity of content. The key insight of the complete strategy which is followed by the kind of Marketing remains that it qualifies to top the list for the marketers all across the world as the best marketing strategy. This new and improved process magnifies and produces immense revenue for the companies, as the high end rate of conversion and productivity for the businesses which is obtained for those who are aiming to rise or be consistent in their present status and produce maximum business for themselves.

Due to this process the various businesses have achieved visibility and brand value at the same time. This affects the complete ratio of the profit and loss, and profit being at the steep as this medium guarantees maximum support in minimum effort of spreading their name in the market for opportunities to flow in abundance. There cannot be any denial that SMS Marketing has globally become popular due to its immense gain towards profit of the businesses scenarios in the country.

Hence to pull business towards your organization and to optimize the growth of the same, one must depend on this form of marketing and acquire the best by this revolutionary strategy.

You can do bulk sms marketing & target your customers based on below profiles

  • Arabic Speakers Only
  • English Speakers Only
  • Asians Only
  • Europeans, American, African Only
  • By Specific Nationality Wise
  • VIP’s and High Salaried Peoples
  • City Wise (India)
  • Gender Wise (Males or Females)

Why India SMS Marketing?

  • Competitive Pricing & Qualified Audience
  • Fast Message Delivery (more than 14 messages per second)
  • Opted in database list which make it possible to deliver your SMS to most active users.
  • No Setup Charges, No Monthly Charges, No Specific Volume Commitment.
  • User Friendly Web Based Application which allow you to send Single Bulk SMS
  • Integration Facility in your Existing Web/Desktop Based Applications
  • SMS Reply & Short Code Option can be provided

Bulk SMS Application Features

  • SMS Marketing by sender id of your brand name (11 characters)
  • Web Based Application.
  • English has 149 characters. Arabic has 59 characters. 11 characters to mention opt out
  • Phonebook-Can store contacts as well as Manage Contacts in Groups
  • User can be able to send Single or Bulk SMS
  • User can send Bulk SMS from any computer just having Internet Browser
  • View Messages History & Delivery Report

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