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Twitter Advertising

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Twitter Advertising proves to be the boon for the marketers

Twitter marketing has taken the world by storm, and has raised its popularity in the business with high end productivity. Creating a great content for your twitter advert for promoting your brand is appropriate however it is also right that the social platform is not a box full of magic, one must create relevant and valuable content for the audience to relate and connect with your brand at the same time. Adding brand value to your product is most necessary and in the process one must earn attention in the positive way globally.

Proceeding with twitter advertising, following professional steps is one of the most important aspect which should be considered, Wahix India is a company who provides you just the right digital support your require for brand awareness, as we serve you with all the essential requirements you would need for maximum support in the digital platform and also contribute to develop a twitter marketing strategy by listing digest tips from the professionals who are well versed in this field. A right planning and analysis can definitely bring you the kind of engagement you are looking for your product/brand.


There are many social platforms available today; all are highly effective in their own ways, however one must choose which social media platform would be most beneficial for the brand. Twitter does not organize the content which the users can see with the usage of algorithm. The massive volume of tweets from the mass which is followed is with a continuous stream and is displayed with the inverse chorological timeline. Twitter advertising also recommends that increasing the number of tweets more than once about a particular product provides more visibility, resulting in giving the brand more scope to perform better across the world.

Even through it is suggested to tweet about a product more than once, it is also important to add difference to each one of them to avoid repetitive tweets and ensure to have an engaging feed. This process also contributes in analyzing, which tweet performed better and the same should be followed in the similar way in the future as well. In the analytics platform a marketer must identify the popularity and the connection between the products with the consumers and not try and become the one who would try and please the whole mass. Segregation of the target audience is highly essential and this enables the marketing goals set become successful.

Twitter advertising has proved to be a very strong social platform, as it provides immense exposure to the content which is tactical and informative, however a poor one would end up losing followers for the brands.  If the advertisers post unrelated content on the social site, be it twitter or any other digital medium, the credibility of the marketing strategy needs to be in place. A marketer must pay attention on the other media information, like industry news or local feeds, just to stay updated with the ongoing trends and demands.

A marketer needs to be a resource instead of just being an advertiser; as if the brand is shared with high relevance the same can hold authority along with being a vital source which has all the detailed information to stand exclusive in the market. An advertiser must not showcase their brand as a pure self-promotion centric piece but appear as a resourceful information provider. The growth of the publishers in the industry are developing at high rate, so the target of being competitive and serve in an interesting manner holds a lot of advantage. One must not try to be all things to all people as this would not only make your brand name be unreliable but also less dependable at the same time.

Creating a brand name and being highly specific while focusing on the subject with your connections is very crucial and the content must keep your target audience engaged, it must also convey the massage of what exactly you want to sell. Being unique while using twitter advertising is indeed a great way to have the industry monitored and know what the mass is talking about and interested in as when an advertiser writes a bio which is self-explained and allows the people to know whether they would like to follow your page or not makes the audience comfortable. The advertisers should also include website links as to drive traffic of the users because as per the marketing research analysis, it has been discovered that the topics which are being written about and which surfaces articles being interesting on twitter gain more leads and then conversion. Making your tweets look attractive and noticeable is very important, however a very long brand/product introduction is often found to be boring, and less interesting for most of the people, it is always a better idea to have a short and crisp yet very detailed in its own way, this would justify your content as a good one. Usage of link shorteners is very popular to save on space and produce a well-made advert. It makes your tweets look neat and also lets the same be readably convenient.

Twitter marketing is also done by adding videos and images of high dimension which earns increased rate of viewership amongst the users in twitter. As per twitter research it has been established that about 2.8x retweets are gained from the product videos compared to the content without any uploaded visual posts, and with the tweets which has images can earn 1.5x public attention.

Few important aspects to be followed with twitter advertising –

  • Using the images of right size and high quality
  • Writing a content with good bio
  • Rapid Response to the questions asked
  • Creating competition in the circuit
  • Perfect the timing of the advert campaign
  • Scheduling of the tweets

Apart from the above points it is also recommended that the advertisers must initiate to spread their product’s details and information in a very comprehensive manner. There are several studies which shows that outlining the best times which shows increased ratio of engagement and also aggregate towards the massive number of data for the marketers, however it is not mandatory that only by gaining massive load of data would make your strategy foolproof as every business structure is different in its own ways, hence the brands must conduct an active analysis of the tweets towards the schedules and know that if their adverts are reaching to their target audience.

Another tool which makes the usage of twitter to be prominent more diligently is Tweriod. This is a program which enables the advertisers to understand the best time of tweeting; this program notifies you about the time when the most number of audiences are online resulting in increased exposure. Twitter advertising is one of the best brand promoters of the industry, which helps you to connect and also build strong prospects for your business, and promote networking with the usual online customers. When it comes to achieving business goals one must apply to attain the best digital supportwhich would suit your target audience by granting you high range of outcome and also the exposure you are looking for in the market. Twitter is one of the best digital forum to advertise your brand and gain potential business for the same.

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